Italian: I am a native Italian speaker and qualified technical translator from two of the most renowned and established Translation and Interpreting faculties in Italy.

English: I have an excellent level of knowledge of the English language due to advanced education, work experience and extensive travel to the United Kingdom which is where I currently reside.
I am fluent in both written and spoken English and I hold a certificate of Business English from the British Chamber of Commerce.

German: I have been studying German since high-school where I could improve my level thanks to a student exchange programme with a German school. I then enhanced my level of linguistic knowledge at university, particularly throughout a six month student exchange programme at the Centre of Translation Studies in Vienna.

French: I began studying French at a very early age and continued my studies until and throughout my BA in Translation and Interpreting. Thanks to a student exchange programme in high-school with a French school and my internship at the European Commission in Luxembourg I could also use French on a daily basis.

Professional Experience

Languages I translate into: Italian and Swiss Italian

Working with English

Previously I have used English both in translation and liaison interpreting, my main working fields being the medical, railway, technical and marketing sectors, ranging for instance from user’s manuals  to technical specifications, from medical certificates to medical devices, from advertising material to website content, the most recent being agriculture and the computer entertainment industry. Additionally I used English as a pivotal language in editing and proofreading tasks focusing in the automotive, telecommunication and engineering industries.

Working with German

Since starting working as a in-house translator and whilst working as a freelancer, I have constantly used German for a wide variety of documents. In addition to highly technical railway documents, I have translated marketing materials in the furniture, optical and design fields. I also have a record of liaison interpreting in the railway sector in the German and Italian language combination.

Working with French

Lately I have been translating documents from French into Italian specifically on micro-finance for academic purposes. Previously I have used French in editing tasks in the automotive, electric devices and computer entertainment industry.


How you can benefit from my translation services?

My continuous improvement as a professional sits alongside the developments made by clients.

My mission at Martines Translations is to take care of every translation, editing and proofreading task from stage one with the uppermost accuracy.

Supported by a strong academic background in translation, I have acquired an advanced field-related knowledge which facilitates a sound understanding of the translation material handled by agencies and clients.

Therefore, apart from relying on my education and experience, I continue to progress by attending workshops, conferences, seminars and webinars so that I can offer services which are relevant to the changes within industries and to my clients’ specific requests.